Expected Results

What type of results can you expect from JS Carpet Cleaning?

With years of experience behind me, I've learned that carpet cleaning is pretty straightforward.  Life happens, and typically the results are similar - the customer is happy and the carpets are cleaned without issue.  However, there are circumstances that could result in a permanent stain. While I do try my best to get everything out, sometimes they are permanent. Spills such as coffee, wine, OJ, or anything of an acidic nature, tends to cause permanent stains. As soon as the spill hits the carpet, it begins to dye it whatever the color the spill is, and the longer it is left uncared for, the more likely it is to stain. The best thing to do is to treat it with a type of carpet soap. That will increase the odds of the stain coming out when I come to clean it. Even with the best methods there are no guarantees it will come out, but please know, I always do my best.

A pro-tip for all problems mentioned above would be to purchase a wet/dry shop vacuum. Getting spills up as soon as they happen can dramatically decrease the risk of the spill getting into the pad and staining.