How to Prepare

For the best results the following preparation tips are recommended.

Vacuuming - While the equipment I use does vacuum the carpet, it is mainly designed to extract the soiled water. It cannot remove pet hair or debris larger than a popcorn kernel. Because of this I recommend that you do vacuum beforehand.

Objects and Furniture - Remove any small items from the carpet such as toys, chargers, power strips, baskets, etc. If you need furniture moved please empty the contents so that they can be shifted around easily. Should you choose to move the furniture off of the carpet, please note that any items made of wood or metal CANNOT go back on the carpet until it is completely dry. The wood can bleed, resulting in permanent stains, and the metal could rust. If you need to move the furniture back immediately, placing plastic or foil underneath will reduce this risk. I do provide small pads for small tables, end stands, etc.